Desktop Newton



Desktop Newton is a game which allows you to create 3-D worlds on your desktop, governed by Newtonian Physics and Artificial Intelligence.


 This video is a realtime performance of the demo version: 


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Coming Soon

FREE Demo Version:

  • Human Ragdoll Configuration
  • Collides With Windows
  • Color Customization
  • Resizable
  • Framerate Adjustable
  • Simulation Speed Adjustable

Full Version: (Coming Soon)

  • Create Custom Objects
  • Artificial Intelligence (Allows Adaptive Blanacing, Planning, Self-Preservation, etc.)
  • Items (Bombs, Magnets, etc.)
  • Adjust Mass, Elasticity, etc.
  • Adjust Gravity, Wind, etc.
  • Full Collision Detection
  • Object Deformation and Destructability
  • Volumetric Objects (Liquids, Gasses, etc.)